Belbo Rubber

Ribbed Smoked Sheets (RSS)

RSS is mainly used in the industries such as tires, automotive and rubber products etc. We export RSS from few origins such as Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Cambodia etc.
Apart from smoked sheets,We export Air Dry Sheets which is called ADXL.



RSS are categorized in accordance with green book standards and export in following grades

  1. RSS 1
  2. RSS 3
  3. RSS 4
  4. RSS 5


Properties Specifications
 Dirt%  0.016
 Ash%  0.250
Volatile Matter%  0.29
 Nitrogen%  0.38
 Initial Wallace Plasticity(Po)  49.1
 PRI  81.9


RSS can be packed for export as follows

  1. 20KG bales
  2. 25Kg bales
  3. 33.33kg bales
  4. 35kg Bales
  5. 50Kg bales
  6. 111.11kg bales

We have been shipping in wooden pallets, Shrink Wrapped units as well as in loose bales.