Belbo Rubber

Skim Crepe

Skim rubber is produced by a by-product during the preparation of centrifuged latex. The rubber content of the skim latex is very little which is around 4-6% with high amounts of non-rubber substances. Skim latex or coagulated skim can be converted in to skim crepe or skim block which is mixed to bring down the dirt content of compounding rubber

Also Skim crepe/block is used in many industries such as conveyor belts, mats, rubber products, rubber bands etc



Properties Specifications
Dirt Content%(w/w) 0.03 (max)
Volatile matter content%(w/w) 2.5 (max)
Ash Content%(w/w) 1.0 (max)
Po 40 (min)
Nitrogen 43 (min)
Nitrogen Content%(w/w) 0.35(max)
Mooney Viscosity 85-105


  1. Skim Crepe-25 kg bales in poly bags
  2. Skim Block-33.33 kg bales