Belbo Rubber

Brown Crepe / Scrap crepe

Brown crepe is made from cup lumps, tree laces, shell scrap and earth scrap. After collecting these raw material,they are washed off to clean before processing.brown crepe is mainly bought from TSR factories as their raw material of which has around 99%-100% DRC.Apart from TSR/Reprocessing factories,brown crepe is used in various industries such as mat, rubber products etc.



  1. 1X Brown
  2. 2X Brown
  3. 3X Brown
  4. 4X Brown

Brown crepe is graded according to the visual appearances and it is clearly described in the green book

Any how we do not recommend 4X brown to make TSR 10/20 using dry process as high risk of high dirt and contamination .Therefore brown crepe should be sorted strictly according the buyers’ requirements. We recommend 3X brown for dry processing


Properties Specifications
Dirt Content%(w/w) 0.3(Max)
Volatile matter content%(w/w) 0.7(Max)
Ash Content%(w/w) 0.8(Max)
Po 30(min)
Plasticity retention index(PRI) 40(min)
Nitrogen Content%(w/w) 0.6(max)


Rubber is packed in 25kg bales in poly bags whilst 15-16MT can be loaded per FCL in loose form.