Belbo Rubber

Thick Pale Crepe (TPC)

This grade of natural rubber is a premium grade made from raw field latex which has high level of cleanliness and produce only in Sri Lanka. Also this is called “food grade” due to superior quality among other grades of natural rubber in the world. Pale crepe does not contain any leachable chemicals and protein level naturally present in rubber is reduced to a minimum during the production of this grade. Hence latex crepe is a specialty grade in the world

TPC is mainly used in the industries such as adhesive solution, surgical and pharmaceutical appliances, sports and consumable equipment, shoes, infant and toys items manufacturing etc.


Types of TPC

TPC is a visually graded rubber as same as RSS in accordance with green book standard.

Green Book


Properties Specifications
Dirt Content%(w/w) 0.02(max)
Volatile matter content%(w/w) 0.5(max)
Ash Content%(w/w) 0.2(max)
Initial plasticity number(Wallace units) 30(min)
Plasticity retention index(PRI) 60(min)
Nitrogen Content%(w/w) 0.35(max)
Mooney Viscosity ML+4@100C 75-85
Lovibond Colour 1.5(max)
Gel formation on dissolution minimal

TPC 1X/1/2/3 differs from slight variation from dirt content whilst TPC4/OG differs from lovibond which is around 4.


TPC can be packed as follows

  1. 25Kg loose bales in poly bags
  2. 50Kg loose bales in poly bags
  3. 25Kg bales in 3phy kraft paper bags
  4. Wooden pallet
  5. Shrink Wrapped units